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With great honor, I communicate that I had the pleasure of working on the internal illustrations of the new publication of SST Publications.

A valuable collection of short stories by JOE R. LANSDALE

Cosmic Interruptions

Joe R. Lansdale

Artist:Vincent Chong (cover) / Nino Cammarata (interiors)


Cosmic Interruptions is a collection of speculative fiction by Joe R. Lansdale. The stories here have been grouped as part of a four part set, this first volume loosely falling into the speculative fiction, science fiction, and off-beat fantasy realm. The stories range from alternate universes to dark futures to the warping of time and space, and a variety of unclassifiable items. There is action, humor, whimsy, and a large dollop of what was once called A Sense of Wonder. Future volumes will gather tales of crime and mystery fiction, horror and East Texas Gothic, and historical and western stories. This is a unique chance to gather not only Lansdale’s popular stories, but some that are lesser known and should be known more broadly.

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I’m one of the illustrator for Hellraiser Anthology vol two

Illustrator for Hellraiser anthology vol.II




Hellraiser: Anthology – Volume 2

The anthology will feature stories written by returning Hellraiser comic scribes Ben Meares, Christian Francis, Mark Alan Miller, David Ian McKendry & Rebekah McKendry and Matt Murray, as well as newcomers to the series Zac Thompson & Lonnie Nadler and Ken Winkler.

Artists include returning Hellraiser alumni Daniele Serra (who provides the cover along with a six-page story), Riley Schmitz, Jim Terry Art and Nick Percival, along with newcomers to the series Mark Torres, Hector Casanova, Christian DiBari, Simon Gough, Devmalya Pramani and Nino Cammarata.

Additionally, the graphic novel will feature a prose story detailing the origin of the fan-favorite Cenobite the Chatterer, written by the Chatterer himself, Nicholas Burman-Vince. The tale, titled ‘Prayers of Desire,’ will feature pen and ink illustrations by Clive Barker!

Hellraiser: Anthology – Volume Two will debut at Son of Monsterpalooza in Burbank, CA on September 15-17 and be available a week after via, on September 24, both as a hardcover graphic novel and a digital download.

Check out a sneak peek below, along with the cover art.